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Hot Creek Camp

We camped near Hot Creek in the eastern Sierras. The water was warm and grass was growing on the bottom of the creek making ghostly swirls in the current.


Robert Allen Fine Art

301 Caledonia Street

Sausalito, CA 94965

TEL: 415/331-2800

FAX: 415-331-2801



For 22 years, Ric Miller has captured stunning photographic images of the Sausalito floating homes, as a resident and active community leader. Although a photographer for most of his life, his trademark panoramic landscapes became popular through participation in the Artists of Issaquah Dock annual art show over a 10-year period.

An initial interest in photography can be traced to his father Bob’s construction of a dark room in their Ohio home, where Miller learned the art of black-and-white film development and printing. His talent in form and composition was honed as an architect and later as a graphic designer. But photography was the thread that ran throughout professional life.

Being an avid hiker, skier, diver, and kayaker, Miller travels extensively throughout the western states to remote locations in his 4x4 overland vehicle. His catalogue consists of scenes of California landscapes including the eclectic Sausalito floating homes community, the wild Pacific coastline, California wildflowers, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the desert southwest. His base of operations is now in Palm Springs, California.

Having shown in numerous Northern California venues, Miller’s panoramic images allow you to “step inside” the captured, vibrant scenes and relive the moment in time. He shoots very wide-angle photographs to closely approximate an expression of visual reality. In turn, this creates a tension between the strange and the familiar in our lives.

Miller’s goals are to have his artwork become ubiquitous among fine art collectors and for his images to raise consciousness of the precious natural beauty that surrounds us.

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