Untitled photo

"Roots" by Ric Miller - Autumn above Bishop, CA 2006

Untitled photo

Ric Miller - Apache Trail, AZ 2019

Ric Miller is a fine art panoramic landscape photographer. Miller has an extensive collection of SF Bay area, California coast, wine country, desert southwest, spring wildflowers, and Sierra Mountain scenery. He regularly travels remote locations in his overland expedition camper and lives in Palm Springs, CA.

These panoramic photographs are a sequence of images taken with a digital camera, seamlessly merged on the computer, and printed on fine art papers or canvas using an advanced inkjet printing process that surpasses ordinary photographs in longevity, quality, and beauty.

“I shoot very wide angle panoramic photographs because they closely approximate an experience of visual reality. Most photos give the impression of watching the world through a window. My images include you in the incredible scenery that surrounds us.”

Since each final image is composed of many individual images, they are of a very detailed, high resolution. Prints sizes range from 22” to over 6 feet in width.

Miller learned photography at a young age from his father, Bob, who taught Ric how to develop film and print black and white photographs.

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